My work with videography helped me immensely when transitioning to my photography work. I was able to understand how to balance the camera and compose and frame an image to help to tell a story. I love being able to take photos and capture an entire story in one single image.

Sports Photography

After spending most of my childhood as an athlete, I found that I loved to take sports photos for our newspaper and website.

See some of the best sports moments I’ve captured throughout my high school career below.

Senior John Garrelts cheers after blocking the ball during the third set of the Varsity Boys Volleyball game against Francis Howell Central on April 9. FHN would go on to win the third set by a score of 25-22 and secure their 1st place finish in the GAC South. This is FHN’s first conference title since 2015-16 season.

“Winning the conference meant so much for our team since we all put in so much work during the off-season and during the season,” Garrelts said.

Senior Joel Arena kicks a ball in the midfield during the first half of the FHN’s game against the Holt Indians on Sep. 11, 2018. Arena was returning from a dislocated knee injury sustained on Aug. 29 against Lafayette High School. Even with Arena’s return, the Knights lost the game by a score of 2-0.

“I felt lucky to be able to recover so quickly and blessed that it wasn’t a more serious injury,” Arena said.

During Knightline’s performance at the Snowcoming Pep Assembly on Feb. 8, senior Aubree Fox strikes a pose while performing her routine. Fox is the only senior on the dance team and has been dancing for 16 years. As the only senior on Knightline, she is responsible for choreographing halftime routines at basketball games and selecting outfits for the team.

“My favorite part about being the only senior is that I’m a role model for the younger girls,” Fox said. “I’m someone who they can all go to for any questions they have about anything in life since I’ve gone through it all already.”

2020 Election Coverage

In March 2020, Missouri’s Democratic primary elections became a key battleground state between Senator Bernie Sanders and Former Vice President Joe Biden.

As soon as the two candidates announced they would be hosting rallies in St. Louis, I knew I had to go. I frantically sent out emails to the campaigns, members of the local media and anyone that might be able to get me press credentials.

Getting to cover presidential candidates was an amazing experience to have as a high school student. I was able to refine my interviewing skills and ensure that every cutline was as detailed as possible by walking up to attendees and learning who they were and why they attended the rally.

Former Vice President Joe Biden Visits Missouri Ahead of Primary on March 10

Former Vice President Joe Biden addresses the crowd at Saturday’s Get out the Vote Event in Kiener Plaza Park. Biden spoke on issues such as climate change, education and healthcare ahead of Missouri’s primary vote on Tuesday. “We’re going to unite this party and unite this country,” Biden said.
Heather Sprague holds her son, Michael Sprauge, after being placed at the front of the crowd during the Get out the Vote Event in Kiener Plaza Park for Former Vice President Joe Biden. Biden, Senator Bernie Sanders, and Representative Tulsi Gabbard are the only remaining Democratic candidates in a once-crowded field. Sanders will campaign in St. Louis on Monday morning at Stifel Theatre. “We’re here to support Biden,” Heather said. “He believes in equal rights, he’s for women, he’s for everybody and every race. He’s just an all-round great guy.”
Kelvin Ellis carries a “Joe-mentum” sign while supporting Former Vice President Joe Biden in Kiener Plaza Park. Ellis is a cancer survivor and supports improvements to the healthcare system. In 2006, Ellis was given his cancer diagnosis and was told he had one week to live. “Diseases are going to wipe out whatever savings you might have, even when you’ve got good insurance,” Ellis said. “I didn’t have the best of insurance. They told me I had one week to live. They told me to get my affairs in order. I never lost faith. It’s 14 years later. Health is important. There should be no American deprived of healthcare, or no American diminished by lack of healthcare.”
Olivia Okeke smiles over the barrier in Kiener Park Plaza. Olivia attended the rally with her mother, Nicollette Okeke from St. Louis. Nicollette says that policy will make an impact on who she decides to vote for. “I’m a student, so [I want to hear] what he is going to do for students,” Nicollete said.
Attendees display “Missouri for Biden” signs while waiting for Former Vice President Joe Biden to come and speak. Biden currently leads the democratic field in delegates with 664. 352 delegates will be at stake during primaries on March 10.

Senator Bernie Sanders Speaks with Missouri Voters Before Primary on March 10

A podium holding a sign on it saying “Bernie” sits by itself on stage. Before being elected to Senate in 2006, Sanders served as a US Representative for 16 years. He was re-elected into the Senate in 2012 and 2018. Sanders believes in creating a national health insurance program for all Americans. "When you have people who have uncontrolled diabetes, hypertension, and they can't afford the medicines, it's increasing the cost of healthcare, and I have so many sick people,” Rosa Kincaid, a doctor attending the rally, said. "I have people who are in their 20s, millennials, who are already on dialysis, and these are poor people of all colors. This is the candidate that I see who is really speaking to the major needs of people. If you’re sick and can’t have a doctor, there’s something wrong with that.”
Gubernatorial candidate Jimmie Matthews and Tonina Saputo pose for a photo at Senator Bernie Sanders's rally on March 9. Matthews filed to run for Governor on the Democratic ticket. Matthews previously ran unsuccessfully to be the Mayor of St. Louis in 2017 and supports Bernie Sanders in the 2020 Presidential Election. "He's the guy on the outside that's gonna make the insides fight for us," Matthews said.
Supporters wave Bernie Sanders signs while Sanders speaks to the crowd at Stifel Theatre on March 9. Among many issues discussed at the rally, Sanders spoke on immigration reform, criminal justice reform, and legalizing marijuana. “Our job is to think outside of the box. Our job is to also understand,” Sanders said.
Buttons featuring Senator Bernie Sanders’s face and message are sold outside Stifel Theatre on Monday, March 9. Sanders spoke with supporters in the St. Louis area ahead of the Missouri primary election on March 10. Sanders lost Missouri’s primary in 2016 by less than 2,000 votes. (Photo by Emily Hood)
St. Louis Treasurer Tishaura Jones smiles on stage while preparing to greet attendees of the Bernie Sanders rally at Stifel Theatre on March 9. Jones served as a member of the Missouri House of Representatives as a Democrat from 2008 to 2012. Jones ran for Mayor of St. Louis in 2017. "I ran for Mayor of this great city in 2017 and I said I was going to change this city, not incremental change but real change," Jones said. "That's why Bernie Sanders is running for President. He knows that incremental change only changes the lives for a few. He wants to change lives for the masses."
Senator Bernie Sanders talks with supporters over key policy ideas at his rally on March 9 at Stifel Theatre. 349 delegates will be available during the primary elections on March 10. Sanders currently trails former Vice President Joe Biden in delegates. “In a general election, which candidate can generate the enthusiasm and the excitement and the voter turnout we need?” Sanders asked. “If you want to defeat Trump, which all Democrats do and the majority of independents do and some Republicans do, we are that campaign.”